Electric Utility Industry Services

PJ UAS executed transmission, distribution, and substation inspections in 2015 in addition to extensive testing to determine minimum-safe-distances, RTH (Return-To-Home) functionality, etc. PJ UAS is fully-outfitted for your utility needs in 2016 and beyond.


Wind Turbine Electric Power Industry Services

With a growing demand for nationwide wind-power generation, the existing infrastructure needs continual inspection, in addition pre-service inspections on new turbines. PJ UAS is prepared to meet this demand from California to Texas and beyond as the nation continues to adopt this technology on an increasingly large basis.


Oil and Gas Industry Services

The oil and gas industry sector was perhaps the first adopter of UAS technology in an off-shore application. This usage has grown to include inland operations as well and is proving to be a cost-effective, safe, and efficient tools for flare-stack inspections, scheduled general inspections, and emergency applications as well.


Hydroelectric Energy Industry

Hydroelectric as an offset of the larger electric management system is also an early-adopter of UAV technology. These inspections include everything from dam wall reconnaissance, substation inspection, and schedule penstock footage acquisition.


Farming & Agriculture Services

Unmanned technology is now enabling agriculturalists and producers to identify opportunities to increase yield that have never been possible before. Using UAVs and LIDAR, farmers can now concentrate on water-starved areas that were before unseen, and in some cases increase yield up to 30% over normal.