Aren't commercial drones illegal in the United States of America?

Contrary to a staggering amount of press recently, it it perfectly legal to operate a commercial drone in the US as long as the operator has an approved 333 Exemption.  PJ UAS does have this exemption in place, and strongly adheres to all provisions set forth by the FAA to remain compliant and observe every aspect of operational safety to safeguard our customers, our staff, and the general public.

Does PJ UAS have an FAA Part 333 Exemption?

Yes.  The 333 Exemption of PJ UAS was crafted to allow for as many applications as possible and can be applied to almost any industry.  Give us a call to discuss your particular need and how we can help.

What services can PJ UAS provide with its unmanned vehicle?

Initial offerings include high-definition photo and video capture.  The dispatched UAS pod includes a high-resolution screen that allows the inspector/troubleman to view and demand when to snap photos or record video. Additional services include LiDAR and Infrared inspection capabilities, which are available on a contractual basis.

What advantages does PJ UAS have over other UAS operators?

PJ UAS draws upon +45 years of aviation experience from parent company PJ Helicopters.  The core values of the PJ family of companies are Quality, Efficiency, Safety, and Training. Our unmanned work procedures are treated no differently than our manned rotorcraft and fixed-wing flights, and Safety above all permeates every action made by our crewmembers. Many new-market entrants using UAV technology are focusing solely on technological advancements, when their primary focus should be getting the job done SAFELY, and performing under a set of industry best practices that will leave the operator, the customer, and the general public all with a positive disposition towards this new rapidly growing technology,